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sorry for not writing.

so if you have read my blogs you might notice i haven’t written lately. i just wanted to say sorry about that. So yeah um… my life isn’t something special right now so bye see you tomorrow!

crappy studies!!

Literally right be fore i got on today i had to do some money crap that i really didn’t want to do. (sorry if i start ranting.) so yeah that sucked. know i’m writing this well my brother is down stairs playing minecraft with our friend. so i’m just writing well hes doing the mostContinue reading “crappy studies!!”

a perfect day!

Today was perfect! Even though it was a bit chilly me, my dad, and my brother all went on a walk together. while on the walk we saw a couple of trees that had just been cut down… by beavers!!! It was really cool. Unfortunately we did not see any beavers. Than we got homeContinue reading “a perfect day!”

I read another blog

So right when i was about to start this blog I saw another blog that was titled “how to tell your husband your a witch” I clicked on it and it was actually really good. (I’m gonna finish it later.) Eventually i stopped so I could wright this. Bye for today.

A hot hot day.

Today was hot. Not hot. But super hot. It was like 85 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot! I don’t think it’s been that in months. So that was just… wow. So know i’m just writing this. I finished half my school work for the hole week so yeah. anyway, by

Online learning

I’m acutely kind of exited for online learning. It’s super convenient. I was done with school bye 12 today. It’s super cool! Another perk is as long as you have WiFi you can be anywhere in the world and still do it! I’m still at home but mean i could be anywhere in the world.Continue reading “Online learning”

a normal day (so far)

Today is Saturday. YAY! But here’s the thing. The days been normal! Not a signal day has been normal since we stated self quarantine! Well that’s all for today. bye!

a not so good day

Hi again. It’s been a bad day so far. We made a schedule this morning. it was okay at first. until 2:00. That’s when me and my brother were playing with light sabers and mine snapped. Then i had practiced my instrument the way my teacher had told me to and my dad said iContinue reading “a not so good day”

no fish

today me , my dad and my brother tried to go fishing. so we packed up or stuff and headed to the state lake. it was open so we tried to fish. but it seemed like right when we got there the wind picked up. so we got all our stuff together and tried toContinue reading “no fish”


have any of you at home watched star wars? if you have you know it is the best movie series ever! my brother got star-wars battlefront 2 yesterday and we played today. well we were playing i discovered a new mode we could play. so we started and it was a board game type thing.Continue reading “STAR WARS!”


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