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My life in quarantine 2020

KS isn’t as boring as you think

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sorry for not writing.

so if you have read my blogs you might notice i haven’t written lately. i just wanted to say sorry about that. So yeah um… my life isn’t something special right now so bye see you tomorrow!

crappy studies!!

Literally right be fore i got on today i had to do some money crap that i really didn’t want to do. (sorry if i start ranting.) so yeah that sucked. know i’m writing this well my brother is down stairs playing minecraft with our friend. so i’m just writing well hes doing the mostContinue reading “crappy studies!!”

a perfect day!

Today was perfect! Even though it was a bit chilly me, my dad, and my brother all went on a walk together. while on the walk we saw a couple of trees that had just been cut down… by beavers!!! It was really cool. Unfortunately we did not see any beavers. Than we got homeContinue reading “a perfect day!”

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